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Concierge Consultation Services

Highly Tailored Mental Health Consultation for Business

Specialized Consultation

Let's face it, wading through a patient's mental health concerns can be overwhelming and intimidating. You've probably had this experience:






If you're like most physicians I've spoken with, you experience something along the lines of confusion, anxiety, intimidation, and paralysis.  You offer tissue, try to get the patient to stop crying as quickly as possible, and hurriedly offer some type of mood medication. She accepts, and a great relief comes over you. However, you realize for the 10000th time that you do not feel adequately trained to manage mental health. Does this sound familiar?

Managing mental health does not have to be so anxiety-inducing. There is a better way. Let me teach you and your staff how to identify and manage mental health symptoms in your patients with comfort. 

I provide individualized consultation services for providers and staff of OB/GYN and Primary Care  Clinics in Southern California. Consultation lasts up to 6 months and is tailored to the needs of your clinic.  

A patient comes in for a seemingly straightforward appointment.  You proceed through your checklist, gathering all of your clinical data.  The patient seems to be doing well physically.  Suddenly, your patient is on your table crying in front of you and telling you about all of the things going wrong in her life.  She does not seem to be stopping soon.  You stand there like a deer caught in headlights wondering what to do.

 Consultation  Services Provided

Each consultation includes the following:

✓  Assessment of current             clinical practice
✓  Skills Training       Sessions
✓  Implementation 
✓ Behavioral Coaching
✓ Individualized Follow-up
    with Staff
✓  Troubleshooting
     Tough Cases

Are you ready    to master mental health?

Contact Dr. Nyasio for pricing and scheduling options.

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