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Schedule with Dr. Nyasio

Read below to find three options for initiating mental health services 

These forms are NOT to be used in an emergency. For mental health emergencies, please dial  9-1-1.

15-Minute Phone Consultation

Self-schedule  a free, 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Nyasio.  Use this option to speak with Dr. Nyasio about any mental health concerns and treatment options before starting treatment. 

Initial 50-minute Intake Appointment

Self-schedule your intake appointment with Dr. Nyasio.  This appointment is 50-minutes and requires that you complete the intake paperwork prior to the session.  After you have booked an appintment, Dr. Nyasio will email you all forms needed for the intake session.  Please be advised that if you are planning to utilize your insurance provider, please ensure you have completed your insurance information on the intake paperwork. 

Request contact from Dr. Nyasio

Complete this form if you would prefer for Dr. Nyasio to contact you.

Request Contact from Dr. Nyasio

Complete the form below if you woul dpreferf for Dr. Nyasio to contact you.

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